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Latest news

  • Anticheat improvement. [HOTFIX B2] Jul 12, 2018
  • Hello guys.An update was sent to our Auto Update system today with some new features in the Anti Cheat system. The added protection is just one of the components we are developing for the server and from morning on it will become mandatory. So I ask everyone to update the game as soon as possible because tomorrow it will not be possible to connect to the game without using the latest update available today (07.12).In addition the new forum is in the AR, more intuitive and functional.Stay tuned for Christmas events! It's amazing!

  • Reset cost reduce Feb 12, 2018
  • Hello,Due to the large number of requests we made a small reduction in the Zen fee charged during the first resets (0 ~ 15). Note: Players who are VIP pay less ZEN to reset and receive more ZEN from the monsters.

  • Server START - 1. DECEMBER Sep 10, 2018
  • It is with great joy that we announce the launch of our GIGAMU Season 13 server!
    It has been months of work and testing to ensure the highest level of gameplay and exclusivity for you.
    To stay inside everything our server has to offer you access our forum.
    The server will open on December 1st at 12:00 PM (GMT -3).
    The download will be released on November 24th.

    GigaMU Online S13EP1 server grand opening is on 1.DECEMBER

    GigaMU Online S13EP1 server grand opening is on 1.Dezember
    GigaMU is a MU Online Season 13 server with an incredible game journey and exclusive news. Our server has several systems that will bring a unique and innovative game style along with an updated version.

    [UTC +2, 17.00 -Poland]
    [UTC +8, 23.00 -Philipines]
    [UTC -3 12.00 -Argentina]
    Web: www.gigamu.com
    Forum: forum.gigamu.com
    use the same website account on the forum.

    [Game Infos]:
    Experience Normal: x500
    Master exp: x300
    Maxium level: 920
    Max option: +28
    Whitout Webshop, just (X) Shop
    Max 3 connections peer computer
    Create all characters from level 1.
    Get GP by Online time
    Boss Kill reward party! (Only main boss)

    [Chaos Machine / Jewels Rate]:
    +10: 100%;
    +11: 90%;
    +12: 80%;
    +13: 60%;
    +14: 50%;
    +15: 35%;
    Life: 75%
    Bless: 100%
    Soul: 75% + Luck (25%) = 100%
    Harmony: 65%
    [Game Infos]
    Spots: Most spots on All Maps (6~8 monsters), all spots showed on MINI MAP (TAB)
    [Events Custom]
    Auction Event [HOT]
    Lost Treasure [HOT]
    Devias Random Drop
    Fury System : Incress your power and destroy your enemis to get your fury points!
    (The Fury System is a powerful system that will bring random novelties over time.)

    /post (20kk) -> Game Chat
    /getcp < code > -> redeem coupom [HOT]
    /pkclear -> Clear PK (50kk x kill)
    /rebuild < id > -> Rebuild Points / Master Level
    /offattack -> Attack MOBs even offline...

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