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Your first opening in the game will lead you to the continent of Lorencia/Noria/Elbeland at level 1. You will receive a starter kit and a Pentagram Box. (Right-click) to use the item

1.) Press 'ENTER' and type the command /evo to evolve your class.

At every exit, you can find the NPC 'Shadow Phantom Soldier'. Click on the NPC and choose option 1 to receive damage and defense buff.

Now you are ready to begin your journey. Follow our guide and find the best spots to level up from 1-400.

2.) We recommend that you join/create a party with other players, or assemble your own party. (Elf, SM)



 BEGINNER SPOTS (Average level of monsters 2-50)




Lorencia MAP


Noria MAP


Elbeland MAP



Distribute your attribute points using the hotkey 'C', acquire new skills at the NPC SKILL located in 'Lorencia 138,139'.

 Areas suitable for levels 51-400:

(Devias, Dungeon, Atlans, Losstower, Tarkan, Icarus, Crywolf, Aida)

 Areas suitable for levels 120-400:

(Kanturu, Karutan, Acheron, Ferea)

Posted 14 / 05 / 2024

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