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Hello Guys! Welcome to GigaMU Season 14 Project.
This server has unique settings and PVP balanced for all class! 
Never seen on any other private server to bring the best game experience on new season and on new character Rune Wizard!  
Medium experience and spots on all maps with good drop from bosses, events or just grinding! 
Server designed for long term. Play in your free time and have fun Free Offlevel System!     

#Opening Time::
[UTC +2, 17.59-Poland]
[UTC +8, 23.59-Philipines]
[UTC -3 12.59-Argentina]
Or check our count-back timer on top of website!
#Server info:
3 Subservers (2x PVP / 1x NON PVP)
Version: Season 14 EP1
Experience Base: 500X
Reset Level: 400
Reset Type: Pontuative / Experience Table
Maximum Reset: 210
Points per Reset: 500 (105k points to build)
Max Stats: 32767
Grand Reset: 150 Reset (Resets Burns, Reward 3000 WCoins)
#Ruud can be obtained:
- Hunting on BOSS
- Hunting on Invasions
- All events can drop Ruud Box
#Exclusive and Custom Events:
- Giga Kundum Storm Event!
- Giga Moss Rework!
- Giga Happy Hour Event!
- Giga Arena Battle
- World Of Bombs
- Get a Flag Event
- Quest System - Get GCoin on finish objectives.
- Play2Win - Get Giga Jewels hunting! (Or XSHOP)
#Game Commands:
Add points: /addstr, /addagi, /addvit, /addene, /addcmd
Clear Pk: /pkclear
Custom Store : /store or /offstore (offline mode)
Reset: /reset
Store / Offstore possibilites:
/store coin -> to sell by wcoin 
/store gp -> to sell by gpoint
/store ruud -> to sell by ruud
/store bless -> to sell by bless
/store soul -> to sell by soul
/dcf -> Friendly Disconnect
/rebuild -> Rebuld Stats
#Tag & Share Freebies:
Tag 5 Friends and Share this Publication:
Win: 3 Days VIP + 5 Days PET Panda + 5 Days Ring Wizard

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