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- Actived Deep Dungeon Invasion
- Actived Dark Swamp Invasion
- Actived Kubera Mine Invasion
- Actived Abyssal Atlans Invasion
- Actived Scorched Canyon Invasion

- Actived BOSS Lord of Ferea
- Actived BOSS Nix
- Actived BOSS Deep Gorgon
- Actived BOSS God of Darkness

- Actived MOSS Gambler (Elbeland XX YY)
*Sword: DK Weapons, MG Weapons, TOL, TCA
*Staff: DW Weapons, Rune Weapons, TOL, TCA
*Bows/Quiver: FE Weapons, Slayer Weapons, TOL, TCA
*Scepter/Lancer: DL Weapons, GL Weapons, TOL, TCA
*Stick/Claw: Summoner Weapons, RF Weapons, TOL, TCA
*Mastery Acessories: xRing, xPend, Jewels, Earring, Conqueror's Badge
(MOSS Gambler Conqueror Wings cannot be upgraded)


Posted 17 / 02 / 2020 By admin

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