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[PLAY GUIDE] - Jewels

Discover some Jewel's available on our server.


Jewel of Bless

Used to upgrade items up to +6. and also used in other combinations in NPC's




Jewel of Soul

Upgrades items from 0 to 9, but has a 50% chance of failure. In case of failure from 0 to 7, the item is downgraded. If an 8 to 9 fails, the item is downgraded. Items with "Luck" have a 75% chance of success instead of 50%. and is also used for some combinations in NPC's



Jewel of Chaos

Jewel of Chaos This is the most common jewel. It is used in all item combinations.



Jewel of Life

Jewel of Life Used to add 1 option to your item and also used for some combinations in NPC's.



Jewel of Creation

Jewel of Creation Used to create fruits that increase stats and various other combinations in NPC's.



Jewel of Guardian

Jewel of Guardian are used to upgrade Castle Defenses and Also used to Remove Seeds




Used for creating Jewel of Harmony



Jewel of Harmony

Jewels of Harmony are used for adding a "Purple" additional option to your items.




High Refining Stone

Used to remove the additional option harmony



Posted 14 / 05 / 2024

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