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Artifacts are like puzzle pieces with hexagonal shapes connected to each other and their elusive types. It is an item that any character can equip. There is a dedicated slot to equip this type of item that can be accessed through the inventory. When this item is added to the dedicated slot, it provides effects to the character, such as increasing attack, defense, critical, life... etc. Artifacts can be equipped at level 800.




To get an Artifact, you first need an [Artifact Fragment]
Once you have an Artifact Fragment you must go the [Chaos Goblin Machine] and select the [Regular Combination] option and enter the following items to create an Artifact.




You can also evolve your artifacts through the 'Chaos Machine'


To Upgrade an Artifact, you first need an [Artifact Enhancement Stone] Once you have an Artifact Enhancement Stone you must go to the [Chaos Goblin Machine].
Artifacts can be enhanced up to 15 levels.







By pressing the hotkey [C] then go to the [Element] option you will also have more information about your elemental DMG.


Open your inventory with the [I] or [V] hotkey and you can locate your pentagram area. Each pentagram camera has 1 to 5 slots for adding errtels. The ‘5th Slot’ of the pentagram must be unlocked with the EXPANSION SCROLL OF RADIENCE SLOT item, it can be obtained from boss drops or created. When you create the character, you will receive the starting pentagram that you can place in your special slot.





 [1] SLOT OF ANGER: Equipped with Errtel of Anger
[2] SLOT OF BLESSING: Equipped with Errtel of Blessing
[3] SLOT OF INTEGRITY: Equipped with Errtel of Integrity
[4] SLOT OF DIVINITY: Equipped with Errtel of Divinity
[5] SLOT OF RADIENCE: Equipped with Errtel of Radience

Posted 14 / 05 / 2024

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