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NPCs are stores that exist within the GigaMU continent. There you can buy, sell and repair your items. Additionally, there are NPCs used for certain services in the game, such as the chest where you can store your items and zen. All NPCs will always be found within cities, and while exploring the MU World you will always encounter the necessary NPCs.

The NPC where you can combine and create errtel is located in Acheron at coordinates (36, 216).



Potions girl Amy, your potions are very powerful, mana potions, HP, antidote, etc. She has everything!, but the price of this power is high. It is located on several maps in the safe zone.



Goblin can create several items, increase the level of his armor and several other things. is located in Noria at coordinates (180, 103).



Mother of all Elves and merchant, she is able to enchant the fiercest warrior and calm him with her music, located in Noria in the regions (173, 124).



The NPC located on the Lorencia Map is used to register in the Drupian family's Gens system. It is located at coordinates (132, 158).



Owner of the most visited place on the entire continent, Dona Lumen owns the bar located in Lorencia, her sale of drinks and consumables is very famous, located at coordinates (123, 135)



The NPC that, for a small fee, can give you normal, excellent and also unique items is located in Elbeland at coordinates (23, 225).



The NPC is responsible for refining the gems in Jewel of Harmony, located in Lorencia: (150,110)



The NPC is responsabiel for Quests located in Lorencia (145,140)



NPC in charge of exchanging Ruud coins for Bloodangel items, etc located at: Lorencia (135,120)



Seed Master is the socket item expert! He can create better seeds, seed spheres, and socket items for you, and he can also apply or undock seed spheres!
Elbeland (44,242)



NPC Skill is where you can buy skills for your class and increase your power. Lorencia (137,139)



Zienna sells advanced weapons and armor Devias (186,47)

Posted 14 / 05 / 2024

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