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[Event] - WORLD BOSS

The [BOSS BATTLE] event is a challenge for everyone on the server, which is why there are no PVP ZONEs within the event.



Event Info:

- Characters participating in the event cannot inflict DMG on another player. (PVP ZONE LOCKED)
- If a character dies in the event, they will move to a safe zone within the boss zone. You can continue participating in the boss battle until the end of the event.
- Rewards will only be distributed if all bosses are defeated.

Battle Ticket


How to participate:

You can buy the event ticket [Together Boss Battle Ticket], it can be found on sale at the shop [Lumen the Barmaid] located in Lorencia*124,133


Every day
14:15 & 22:15  (GMT -3)
(The entrance gate always starts at 14:15 & 10:15  and will close 5 minutes later)


1- Place DMG - receive cash 150,000 Ruud
2- Place DMG - receive box 100,000 Ruud
3- Place DMG - receive cash 50,000 Ruud
The other positions in the damage rank will also have their ruud rewards.
(Best rank = best reward)

50,000 Ruud for the player who does more Damage (Last Boss to be killed)
100,000 Ruud if you do at least 100m Damage

Posted 24 / 06 / 2024

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