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I, or V: opens the character inventory.

I, then S: - opens the Personal Store window.

K: opens tthe Gremory Case.

C: opens the character's stat menu.

U: opens the character's skill tree.

Z: opens the MU Helper settings.

M: opens the warp window.

T: opens the quest window.

Y: opens the Muun inventory.

D: opens a list of character commands.

F: opens the Friends List and Mailbox.

B: opens the Gens information window.

G: opens your guilds information.

A: opens the Master Skill Tree window.

Ctrl + A: opens the Enhance Skill Tree window.

Ctrl + V: opens the event inventory window.

N: opens party & guild matching.

X: opens the Cash Item Shop.

P: opens the Personal Store List.

J: opens the Facebook app window.

END: opens the Hunting Log.

O: opens the Option Menu.

ESC: opens the System Menu.

F1: opens the in-game Play Guide.

F2: opens the Block Users window.

Tab: opens the mini-map:

use ] to increases opacity

use [ to decreases opacity

use - to reduces size

use + to increases size
























/cp -> Use to win the 'Lighting Cupom' Event


/stack -> Stack Rena to Auction

/bid -> Bid Rena during Auction





Offline Store:






- Set the value in "ZEN"

- Type the Command: /store coin ; /store gp ; /store ruud

IMPORTANT: To offstore just open store and command to offstore (Example: /offstore)

IMPORTANT: Do not open your store with the OPEN button.Without command will sell things to Zen!







Offline LevelUP:







/offattack -> Use the Offlevel System (configuration of MuHelper will be used here)

(Some low maps the Offlevel does not work, only in mid/high maps)

/offlevel -> Use the Offlevel System (configuration of MuHelper will be used here)

(Some low maps the Offlevel does not work, only in mid/high maps)






Add Points:






/addstr xxx -> Adds points to strength.

/addagi xxx -> Adds points to agility.

/addene xxx -> Adds points to energy

/addvit xxx -> Adds points to vitality

/addcmd xxx -> Adds points to command






Auto Distribute Points:






/addstr auto X -> Auto Adds X points to strenght

/addagi auto X ->  Auto Adds X points to agility

/addene auto X ->  Auto Adds X points to energy

/addvit auto X ->  Auto Adds X points to vitality

/addcmd auto X ->  Auto Adds X points to command

*To disable: /addstr auto






Clean PK:









How to know which Quest do I have to do?




/infoquest -> Command to know what you have to do to farm WC on Quest System











/openware -> Open ware in spot
/ware 1-5 -> Change your ware to another one (VIP)
/clearinv -> Clear your Inventory
/cleareventinv -> Clear Event Inventory last lines
/clearmuuninv -> Clear Muun Page last Page
/clearvault -> Clear your warehouse


Posted 17 / 05 / 2024

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Currently this is only one server.