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[PLAY GUIDE] - Fast progression

Amplify your XP to the maximum by purchasing special items to increase your level progression.




Combo XP




Possible MU PASS rewardsBônus XP consumable items
Ruud Box (10.000) 14xSeal of Wealth + Seal of Ascension
(Base Exp Increase)
Elixir Jair 13xMaster Seal of Wealth + Master Seal of Ascension
(Master XP Increase)
Bless of Light (Greater Grade) 84xPet panda + Ring Panda
Tempest Buff Muun Multiplier Increase x3 times
Base Exp Increase 50%
Mastery Soul Crystal 1100%These items can be purchased through Shop-X
Max HP +25000



- Participate in Blood Castle & Devil Square events and earn large amounts of XP.
- Join parties to amplify group XP.



Posted 15 / 05 / 2024

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Currently this is only one server.