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[GAME INFO] Blood Castle








The corresponding level of "Cloak Invisibility" for the blood castle in all races will be removed when they enter the castle.


It is prohibited to enter when it starts or when the Castle of Blood is closed. 


When a character dies in the Castle of Blood, they will be transported to the Event Map Square. 


The player who uses "Town portal scroll" in Blood Castle will return to the Event Map Square. 


There is no loss of experience when a player dies in Blood Castle. There is no loss of Zen when a player dies in Blood Castle. 


The Character Set will not drop when killed in Castle of Blood.


 In the PK state, the character will not be able to enter the Castle of Blood. 


The player cannot go beyond the safe zone after entering the Castle of Blood before the start of the quest. 


Characters who remain in the Castle of Blood after the quest will be returned to the Event Map Plaza. 


If the quest ends early (15 minutes), all monsters will disappear and the Castle of Blood will close after 2 minutes, then all characters will be returned to the Event Map Square.











Gather the ingredients to farm the invitation and find the entrance NPC!

 It is necessary that parchment and bone blood be of the same level to create the invitation 

Create the invitation in the chaos machine (regular combination)








Blood Castle can be challenged up to 4 times a day, get XP and great drops.



Posted 14 / 05 / 2024

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